You want to be confident, respected & trusted as a leader.

You want to make a difference,
add value, & have an impact.

But more than anything, you want to feel successful.

My name is Kim-Elisha Proctor. I'm a certified Executive Coach with over 15 years' experience working in Engineering, Operations and Organization Development in technology companies of all stages of growth. I know the stress you are under to deliver results and develop your team.

I coach smart and ambitious leaders who are willing to challenge their habits and limiting beliefs in order to live their deepest creative potential into the world.

Get clear about what you want and find the confidence to make your big leap. Together we'll create a plan and remove the obstacles holding you back.

Executive coaching, leadership development programs & event facilitation to support you to lead with confidence.
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Be You. Lead. Change the World.

We work with leaders who often have the following desires:

  • You want to have a greater positive impact on your team, your organization, or your community.
  • You want to show up authentically and powerfully, able to move people into inspired action.
  • You are tired of working long hours and want to experience more balance for the benefit of your health, wellness, and relationships.
  • You may have been passed over for promotion.
  • You are just getting started & struggle with getting it all done.
  • You are looking for someone you can trust to be your coach, mentor and guide to help you become the leader you want to be. You want that person to be neutral and have your best interests at heart.
  • You want to lead and live unapologetically. Seeking to be yourself at work and be seen as competent, strong and vulnerable without being perceived as weak.

Meet Kim-Elisha Proctor

Kim-Elisha Proctor is an Executive Coach, teacher, and writer. For over 15 years, she has worked with companies at all stages of growth including IBM, HP, PayPal, and eBay. With positions in Engineering, IT, Product Management, and Organization Development; she is equipped with an understanding of the complexity of organizations and leadership that is needed for success. Whether one-on-one coaching, with groups or delivering leadership development programs, her passion is the same: to support leaders to enhance their performance, impact, purpose & well-being to create organization and communities they long to belong to.

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