Time to Stop Celebrating Burnout

A room like this was exactly what I thought it would be. Dark, velvet, reds and browns- a rich scene befitting the private screening room at Sky Walker Ranch. I wondered, what movies had played in this room? Who had sat in these seats? As I scanned the room, I saw more than 75 people from different ages and walks … Read More

Get Promoted. Start By Understanding Your Company’s Requirements

Get Promoted

You are ready for more responsibility and bigger challenges. You’ve been working hard, killing it and feel like you’re confidently performing at the next level. You are ready for a promotion! Maybe you’ve just started thinking about it or you’ve already been passed up for a promotion. I want to support you in getting your next opportunity, raise or job … Read More

Networking When You Don’t Feel Confident- Part Two

Table of Coffee Cups

Among my clients, networking is probably one of the least utilized skills. It’s also for many, one of the most challenging and uncomfortable activities that pulls them out of their comfort zone. Given that most women are great at forming and building relationships, you’d think we’d be great at networking. In order to succeed in your career, it’s important to … Read More

Networking When You Don’t Feel Confident- Part One

“Networking? I hate networking.”    As a business owner, networking is key to my success and it’s required me to overcome my discomfort when I hear the word. Here are some of the stories I’ve heard from my clients as well as some of my own about why we couldn’t, shouldn’t, wouldn’t and won’t network. Do any of these sound … Read More

10 Ways to Become Better at Time Management- Part Two

Who wouldn’t want more time? More time to get work done, to spend with family or to get to the gym. Having good time management skills and being able to accurately estimate time and complete tasks is a critical skill for any leader. In Part 2 of 10 Ways to Become Better at Time Management, you’ll learn the habits and … Read More

10 Ways to Become Better at Time Management- Part One

Jar of Shells

Classically being better at time management involves being more effective with your time, learning tactics and hacks to be more productive, and having enough time to accomplish your goals.  As leadership responsibilities increase, better time management becomes a skill leaders need to improve. If not it’s easy to be overwhelmed by never-ending task lists, emails to reply too, and meetings to … Read More

6 Practices to Change Your Language and Get More of What You Want

Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow.Oliver Wendell HolmesLanguage is more than black ink on a piece of paper or words casually said. Language defines the way we see ourselves, others and the world. It influences our mood, our thoughts, and perspective. It defines the way we see, we interact, … Read More

A Love Letter, 5 Wishes for Female Leaders Who Feel Like They Have to Prove Themselves

Dearest, Today I’m writing you a very personal and vulnerable letter. There are parts of me that are saying no don’t do this, but I know I have to. So here goes. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been passionate, creative and driven. I’m the person who gets shit done! I’m a classic overachiever. I’m the one … Read More

9 Lessons Being an Entrepreneur Has Taught Me about Leadership

Calling myself an entrepreneur has challenged my identity and my beliefs about who an entrepreneur is.  In fact, just spelling the word is challenging! As I’ve done the work of building my company, designing my brand, and creating content; claiming the title has been fun and liberating. While I’m still new to the world of entrepreneurship, I think I’m pretty good … Read More

5 Skill Sets Every Successful Leader Needs to Develop

As our world continues to become more diverse, with new ideas and possibilities emerging; our roles as leaders become more challenging. During the height of growth at PayPal, a goal was set to double our business, and to do that it was understood that each person would need to double their growth. The goal was inspiring. Everyone wanted that, but … Read More