Networking When You Don’t Feel Confident- Part One

In this, Part 1, I’ll share ways you may need to change your stories about networking to give networking a try. Besides replacing the word networking with connecting in my head there is another switch that I recommend. Instead of labeling the nervous energy and stress as anxiety, label it as excitement. So now when I feel anxiety before I … Read More

10 Ways to Become Better at Time Management- Part Two

Who wouldn’t want more time? More time to get work done, to spend with family or to get to the gym. Having good time management skills and being able to accurately estimate time and complete tasks is a critical skill for any leader. In Part 2 of 10 Ways to Become Better at Time Management, you’ll learn the habits and … Read More

10 Ways to Become Better at Time Management- Part One

Jar of Shells

Not to be morbid but let’s go back to your deathbed. As you look back at your life; what relationships, accomplishments, and activities are most important to you? Those are your life goals. When I start working with a new client I ask them to reflect on their lives and assess where they are. I invite you to use this … Read More

6 Practices to Change Your Language and Get More of What You Want

Language is more than black ink on a piece of paper or words casually said. Language defines the way we see ourselves, others and the world. It influences our mood, our thoughts, and perspective. It defines the way we see, we interact, and what we believe. Here are some examples of how language can impact our perception. My wish is … Read More

9 Lessons Being an Entrepreneur Has Taught Me about Leadership

#1- It’s up to you! All the entrepreneurs I’ve met, including myself, have all created business’ based on their passion and a problem they want to solve. The idea is based on who they are and how they see the world. It becomes the foundation of the company and its vision (the dream) and mission (how the dream will be … Read More

5 Skill Sets Every Successful Leader Needs to Develop

Inner Game Leaders, whether managers or not, have a vision of the world and how it could be. Through influence and passion, they inspire others to take action. Leaders are adept at creating a vision, mission, and strategy for their group and community. Along with demonstrating the values that are important, leaders become the figures we look to to guide … Read More

How to Set Expectations That Set Your Team Up for Success- Part 3

Start with Yourself You expect a lot of yourself! You are driven and want to do a good job. I know you want to be a better leader. I bet if I asked you could list off 5-10 things you’d like to be better at. Take a moment to create agreements with yourself based on what’s most important to accomplish … Read More

How to Set Expectations That Set Your Team Up for Success- Part 2

Good leaders clearly set expectations and detail outcomes, then they step back and provide their team autonomy to their team about how they do the work. This leaves space for uncertainty, creativity, and development for your team. Telling your team how puts you in the role of a micro-manager and slows their development. The how is a great place for … Read More

How to Set Expectations That Set Your Team Up for Success

With the new year kicked off, it’s fascinating to watch the stream of posts on social media about how to better plan for the year and the best techniques for doing a year-end review. Listening to the debate over setting intentions, goals or a theme for the year. While others don’t want to set intentions at all. When it comes … Read More