How to Set Expectations That Set Your Team Up for Success- Part 3

With the beginning of any year, quarter, or project it’s a good time to clearly define what outcomes are needed for success.  Setting clear expectations that link back to the company mission is how leaders ensure their teams are working on the right work at the right time. This is the 3rd and last part in the series, How to Set … Read More

How to Set Expectations That Set Your Team Up for Success- Part 2

The greatest gifts a leader can give their team is vision, clarity, and encouragement. Setting expectations and crafting rewarding goals are key to creating the right challenges that will motivate teams to live into their potential. A leader has many responsibilities. At the end of the day performance and getting the right work done is key to being an effective … Read More

How to Set Expectations That Set Your Team Up for Success

With the new year kicked off, it’s fascinating to watch the stream of posts on social media about how to better plan for the year and the best techniques for doing a year-end review. Listening to the debate over setting intentions, goals or a theme for the year. While others don’t want to set intentions at all. When it comes … Read More

Create a Culture You Long to Belong to

I remember my first interview at PayPal. PayPal would become the second startup I’d join. The first was closing its office in the Bay Area and moving to San Diego. I was one of the few offered a job in San Diego. I turned them down as I didn’t believe the company would make it. So days before my PayPal … Read More

Creating Space for Authentic Conversation

After writing last’s week’s post Change starts with you and me. It’s time to speak up. I’ve been thinking more about our ability to engage in authentic and courageous dialogue. In regards to last week’s post one person commented, “Conversation, sounds like a relic from a time and place far far away…” It’s time for us to dust off the … Read More

Change Starts With You and Me. It’s Time to Speak Up.

With the confirmation of Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Justice, this last week has been an emotional one for many. I like many I know watched and listened to the hearings and listened to new summaries with captive interest. During the weekend I was visiting family in Arizona. Every time I go home I see more evidence of the different … Read More

Are Your Should’s and Supposed to’s Holding You Back?

Many of us are so often doing things in a state of reaction, or because of shame and we don’t realize we are. Shame and guilt pervade our days, that we don’t realize how much of our lives is dictated by other people’s beliefs and expectations. Here are some personal examples from my life that you may relate to. I … Read More

The Problem with Problems. Creating New Opportunities.

In the movie Burlesque starring Christina Aguilera as Ali Rose and Cher as Tess,  Ali has just proven to Tess that she has what it takes to be a Burlesque dancer. Shortly after, we see a view of the stage with Ali and two other women lip-synching the song Tough Lover with all the attitude they have. Jealous of Ali, Nikki … Read More

What would you do, if you could? Overcome moments of frustration & doubt.

I left her office feeling disappointed and flustered. Each footstep heavier as I walked with frustration back to my desk. I did it again! I could hear a familiar tape starting in my head. Today’s tennis match is brought to you by Fear. Fear– always there! We’ve got your back! In today’s highly anticipated doubles match, Victim &  Doubt are … Read More

What You Resist Persists. Moving Beyond Resistance in Yourself and Your Team

Do these phrases sound familiar: I don’t want to get up! Just 10 more minutes. That’s not going to work. Announcing something and crickets. Behind these statements is one of the most powerful forces in the world— Resistance. I personally believe that resistance is one of the greatest obstacles we face every day. It takes us out of our flow, … Read More