Our Power and Responsibility to Decrease Discrimination at Work

In the news, on LinkedIn, as I talk to clients I’m hearing the statements companies are making in support of promoting diversity and inclusion. I’m heartened by the donations being made, diversity data being made public, and the commitments to learn and do more. These are great steps; however,  lasting transformation starts with leaders doing our part to change the … Read More

Choose the Right Executive Coach For You

Maybe you’ve heard about coaching and are curious about what it is and if it’s right for you. If you type “coaching” into Google search you’ll find definitions, links to learn coaching as a skill, and common coaching questions. Type in executive coaching and it’s a mix of coaching agencies and universities marketing their Executive Coaching Programs. For many of … Read More

Unlock Confidence. Define Success For Yourself.

Over 70% of the population, both women and men, report feeling like impostors at work. Doubt, insecurity, and fear hold us back. We set goals and expectations for ourselves, of how we should be. Then when doubt shows up or we don’t do the thing we “should” do, we judge ourselves and line up all the data to prove that … Read More

Your 2020 Personal Guide to Thrive

If you ask any leader, they will tell you how rewarding it is to see their team grow and accomplish their goals.    There is a certain pride that is gained when you inspire and motivate others.    Then there is the reality of leadership.   Leadership requires responsibility and accountability. With today’s business challenges, this is far from easy. … Read More

Let’s Thrive in 2020, Together

Happy New Year!It’s only been a week into 2020. How’s your first week been? I’m energized and the creativity is flowing for all that I want to create before the Spring comes. I hope, like me, you feel the momentum of the new year and are using it to make changes in your life and dream new dreams. At the … Read More

Be With Your Feelings First

Our brains love to tell stories! Our brains are masters at it. Stories are how we organize our thoughts and explain the emotions our bodies feel. It’s natural for us to want to make sense of the world around us and the world within us.If you meditate you know what I mean. As a beginning meditator, you are told to find a comfortable sitting … Read More

Tending to Diversity & Inclusion As a Leader

For those who haven’t met me, I have a mixed heritage. My mother is Korean and my father is a mix of Europe, but mostly German and English. While in the Air Force with orders in Korea, my father met my mother, married, and had me once they were back in the states. My parents divorced when I was a … Read More

Prepare For Your Next Promotion

As we head into the last months of the year, companies begin to plan their end of year reviews and leaders begin to envision the goals they would like to tackle next year. If you’ve realized you are ready for more responsibility and to take on bigger challenges as a leader, or you want to get ready than read on … Read More

Get Promoted. Start By Understanding Your Company’s Requirements

Get Promoted

You are ready for more responsibility and bigger challenges. You’ve been working hard, killing it and feel like you’re confidently performing at the next level. You are ready for a promotion! Maybe you’ve just started thinking about it or you’ve already been passed up for a promotion. I want to support you in getting your next opportunity, raise or job … Read More

Networking When You Don’t Feel Confident- Part Two

Table of Coffee Cups

Among my clients, networking is probably one of the least utilized skills. It’s also for many, one of the most challenging and uncomfortable activities that pulls them out of their comfort zone. Given that most women are great at forming and building relationships, you’d think we’d be great at networking. In order to succeed in your career, it’s important to … Read More