Be With Your Feelings First

Our brains love to tell stories! Our brains are masters at it. Stories are how we organize our thoughts and explain the emotions our bodies feel. It’s natural for us to want to make sense of the world around us and the world within us.If you meditate you know what I mean. As a beginning meditator, you are told to find a comfortable sitting … Read More

Tending to Diversity & Inclusion As a Leader

Leaders sit in a unique position with the power and privilege to make decisions every day. You may not think about it, but your decisions shape the culture of your team, the structure of work and the systems we work and live in. During the last couple of years, diversity at work has changed. Gendered restrooms are up for debate, … Read More

Prepare For Your Next Promotion

As you prepare for your next promotion, it’s important to know that every company treats promotions differently. If you’d like to learn more about understanding your companies view of promotion, I recommend reading a previous post entitled, Get Promoted. Start By Understanding Your Company’s Requirements. In it, I share my knowledge working in Human Resources and what I learned about … Read More

Networking When You Don’t Feel Confident- Part Two

Table of Coffee Cups

As part of my work, I try to regularly attend different networking events each month. The type of events vary, some are free, some are paid, and some are curated. A great way to find different events is by looking for professional associations or groups attached to your career, groups from women in leadership, or events on Eventbrite and meetup. … Read More

Networking When You Don’t Feel Confident- Part One

In this, Part 1, I’ll share ways you may need to change your stories about networking to give networking a try. Besides replacing the word networking with connecting in my head there is another switch that I recommend. Instead of labeling the nervous energy and stress as anxiety, label it as excitement. So now when I feel anxiety before I … Read More

5 Skill Sets Every Successful Leader Needs to Develop

Inner Game Leaders, whether managers or not, have a vision of the world and how it could be. Through influence and passion, they inspire others to take action. Leaders are adept at creating a vision, mission, and strategy for their group and community. Along with demonstrating the values that are important, leaders become the figures we look to to guide … Read More

Create a Culture You Long to Belong to

To be super simple, culture is created by the behaviors and decisions you make. Your actions mold policy, reactions to problems, and more. Your values, priorities, and ways of treating people will model to others what’s important and acceptable. You create the environment you work in. If you can’t walk the talk, then don’t talk the talk. Nothing erodes culture … Read More

Change Starts With You and Me. It’s Time to Speak Up.

Many of us are so often doing things in a state of reaction, or because of shame and we don’t realize we are. Shame and guilt pervade our days, that we don’t realize how much of our lives is dictated by other people’s beliefs and expectations. Here are some personal examples from my life that you may relate to. We … Read More

The Problem with Problems. Creating New Opportunities.

All life is problem-solving. Our brains have a built-in bias towards negativity. We simply have a greater sensitivity to unpleasant news, it’s more sensational and elicits more of a reaction from us. Why? To keep us out of harm’s way. It’s made us excellent at scanning our environment to look for danger or safety. When it’s safe, our nervous system’s … Read More

What would you do, if you could? Overcome moments of frustration & doubt.

I left her office feeling disappointed and flustered. Each footstep heavier as I walked with frustration back to my desk. I did it again! I could hear a familiar tape starting in my head. Today’s tennis match is brought to you by Fear. Fear– always there! We’ve got your back! In today’s highly anticipated doubles match, Victim &  Doubt are … Read More