Attend to Yourself First to Lead Through Systemic Racism

Across the world, people are taking to the streets and taking a knee to protest systemic racism. The images seen in videos and print will be forever burnt into our minds. Protests aren’t just happening in our city centers, I watch on Facebook as the comments become the space for wars of words of what’s right or wrong. Clients have … Read More

Navigating the Pendulum of Shame, Blame, and Anger

At work and in life, we long to be heard, respected, considered, and seen. It’s the dignity all women and men deserve. I speak with so many female leaders that stay quiet. Through cultural conditioning, inherited family systems, and false beliefs they’ve taken on. We stay quiet. What I hear… “I’ll hurt someone.” “I don’t know enough.” “I’m not ____ … Read More

Unlock Confidence. Define Success For Yourself.

Over 70% of the population, both women and men, report feeling like impostors at work. Doubt, insecurity, and fear hold us back. We set goals and expectations for ourselves, of how we should be. Then when doubt shows up or we don’t do the thing we “should” do, we judge ourselves and line up all the data to prove that … Read More

Be With Your Feelings First

Our brains love to tell stories! Our brains are masters at it. Stories are how we organize our thoughts and explain the emotions our bodies feel. It’s natural for us to want to make sense of the world around us and the world within us.If you meditate you know what I mean. As a beginning meditator, you are told to find a comfortable sitting … Read More

6 Practices to Change Your Language and Get More of What You Want

Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow.Oliver Wendell HolmesLanguage is more than black ink on a piece of paper or words casually said. Language defines the way we see ourselves, others and the world. It influences our mood, our thoughts, and perspective. It defines the way we see, we interact, … Read More

A Love Letter, 5 Wishes for Female Leaders Who Feel Like They Have to Prove Themselves

Dearest, Today I’m writing you a very personal and vulnerable letter. There are parts of me that are saying no don’t do this, but I know I have to. So here goes. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been passionate, creative and driven. I’m the person who gets shit done! I’m a classic overachiever. I’m the one … Read More

Are Your Should’s and Supposed to’s Holding You Back?

Many of us are so often doing things in a state of reaction, or because of shame and we don’t realize we are. Shame and guilt pervade our days, that we don’t realize how much of our lives is dictated by other people’s beliefs and expectations. Here are some personal examples from my life that you may relate to. I … Read More

What would you do, if you could? Overcome moments of frustration & doubt.

I left her office feeling disappointed and flustered. Each footstep heavier as I walked with frustration back to my desk. I did it again! I could hear a familiar tape starting in my head. Today’s tennis match is brought to you by Fear. Fear– always there! We’ve got your back! In today’s highly anticipated doubles match, Victim &  Doubt are … Read More

What You Resist Persists. Moving Beyond Resistance in Yourself and Your Team

Do these phrases sound familiar: I don’t want to get up! Just 10 more minutes. That’s not going to work. Announcing something and crickets. Behind these statements is one of the most powerful forces in the world— Resistance. I personally believe that resistance is one of the greatest obstacles we face every day. It takes us out of our flow, … Read More