Tending to Diversity & Inclusion As a Leader

Leaders sit in a unique position with the power and privilege to make decisions every day. You may not think about it, but your decisions shape the culture of your team, the structure of work and the systems we work and live in. During the last couple of years, diversity at work has changed. Gendered restrooms are up for debate, … Read More

Prepare For Your Next Promotion

As you prepare for your next promotion, it’s important to know that every company treats promotions differently. If you’d like to learn more about understanding your companies view of promotion, I recommend reading a previous post entitled, Get Promoted. Start By Understanding Your Company’s Requirements. In it, I share my knowledge working in Human Resources and what I learned about … Read More

Time to Stop Celebrating Burnout

A room like this was exactly what I thought it would be. Dark, velvet, reds and browns- a rich scene befitting the private screening room at Sky Walker Ranch. I wondered, what movies had played in this room? Who had sat in these seats? As I scanned the room, I saw more than 75 people from different ages and walks … Read More

Get Promoted. Start By Understanding Your Company’s Requirements

Get Promoted

When you were hired, there’s a good chance that you read a job description with a list of responsibilities, job requirements, and preferred experiences. Each job has it’s place on a job ladder.  A management ladder may look like Manager 1, Manager 2, Sr. Manager, Director, Sr. Director, VP, Sr. VP, and C Suite. Each step of the ladder has … Read More

Networking When You Don’t Feel Confident- Part Two

Table of Coffee Cups

As part of my work, I try to regularly attend different networking events each month. The type of events vary, some are free, some are paid, and some are curated. A great way to find different events is by looking for professional associations or groups attached to your career, groups from women in leadership, or events on Eventbrite and meetup. … Read More

Networking When You Don’t Feel Confident- Part One

In this, Part 1, I’ll share ways you may need to change your stories about networking to give networking a try. Besides replacing the word networking with connecting in my head there is another switch that I recommend. Instead of labeling the nervous energy and stress as anxiety, label it as excitement. So now when I feel anxiety before I … Read More

10 Ways to Become Better at Time Management- Part Two

Who wouldn’t want more time? More time to get work done, to spend with family or to get to the gym. Having good time management skills and being able to accurately estimate time and complete tasks is a critical skill for any leader. In Part 2 of 10 Ways to Become Better at Time Management, you’ll learn the habits and … Read More

10 Ways to Become Better at Time Management- Part One

Jar of Shells

Not to be morbid but let’s go back to your deathbed. As you look back at your life; what relationships, accomplishments, and activities are most important to you? Those are your life goals. When I start working with a new client I ask them to reflect on their lives and assess where they are. I invite you to use this … Read More

6 Practices to Change Your Language and Get More of What You Want

Language is more than black ink on a piece of paper or words casually said. Language defines the way we see ourselves, others and the world. It influences our mood, our thoughts, and perspective. It defines the way we see, we interact, and what we believe. Here are some examples of how language can impact our perception. My wish is … Read More