Navigating the Pendulum of Shame, Blame, and Anger

At work and in life, we long to be heard, respected, considered, and seen. It’s the dignity all women and men deserve. I speak with so many female leaders that stay quiet. Through cultural conditioning, inherited family systems, and false beliefs they’ve taken on. We stay quiet. What I hear… “I’ll hurt someone.” “I don’t know enough.” “I’m not ____ … Read More

Your 2020 Personal Guide to Thrive

If you ask any leader, they will tell you how rewarding it is to see their team grow and accomplish their goals.    There is a certain pride that is gained when you inspire and motivate others.    Then there is the reality of leadership.   Leadership requires responsibility and accountability. With today’s business challenges, this is far from easy. … Read More

Time to Stop Celebrating Burnout

A room like this was exactly what I thought it would be. Dark, velvet, reds and browns- a rich scene befitting the private screening room at Sky Walker Ranch. I wondered, what movies had played in this room? Who had sat in these seats? As I scanned the room, I saw more than 75 people from different ages and walks … Read More

A Love Letter, 5 Wishes for Female Leaders Who Feel Like They Have to Prove Themselves

Dearest, Today I’m writing you a very personal and vulnerable letter. There are parts of me that are saying no don’t do this, but I know I have to. So here goes. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been passionate, creative and driven. I’m the person who gets shit done! I’m a classic overachiever. I’m the one … Read More

How to find balance in your life. It’s not what you think.

There’s a trend that I see in the bay area, especially among leaders, at first in my own life and in those around me. “I need more balance in my life.” I get it. I’ve been there. There was a time I was commuting 3 hours a day, working at least 50 hours and more a week with international team … Read More