From the Desk of Kim-Elisha: Choose Courage

The choice of courage.

Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the
end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".    
-- Anonymous

Courage is my top value. I believe courage is more important than confidence. Without courage, how can confidence be built? Courage is more important than fearlessness. Without the courage to act in spite of fear, how can we move forward through fear? 

Being a courageous leader sounds like a no-brainer, right. Of course, we need leaders to be courageous. Our world needs leaders who will speak up, make hard decisions, and have the tough conversations. But the reality of courage is a different story.

Choosing courage requires other choices. It's a choice to do what's right over what's easy. It's a choice to choose discomfort over comfort. It requires vulnerability and an honest partnership with fear and our inner critic. No wonder courage isn't for the faint-hearted. 

Choosing courage means taking risks and speaking up, with the possibility of magical things happening.
Choosing courage means pointing out the elephant in the room and trying again tomorrow, with the possibility of falling flat on your face.
Choosing courage means a life of compassion, learning, and rising again.
Choosing courage means a life of curiosity and wonder.
Courage is the unknown path.

Can I share a secret? I'm going to be super vulnerable here, and super honest. With courage being my top value I expect a lot of courage from myself. I'm not always as courageous as I want to be, and it takes me longer than I like to rise after a fall. I think it's human. I know we don't always have it in us to fight the good fight and we do the best we can.

Still, choose courage. Try again. 

Your advocate,



Courageous, Confident & Capable

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What I'm Reading

Whether for my clients or myself; I'm always listening to podcasts, audiobooks, and reading. I often get asked for my book recommendations, so I found a great website called kit that's made it easy to share these recommendations here. Check out my library of essential leadership books, books for women, and more.

I just finished Dare to Lead by Brene Brown and am almost finished with So You Want to Talk about Race by Ijema Olua and Becoming by Michelle Obama. I'll share my thoughts on Dare to Lead soon. I'm curious, what are you reading this summer? 


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