We are devoted to supporting you
to become a confident & effective leader.

We support leaders (especially female) who want to gain confidence, respect and deepen their capacity as a leader. Through individual coaching programs, group coaching, and more Kim-Elisha is advancing female leaders to stand up and take their seat at the table.

Lead with Confidence

Lead with Confidence is a 3 month coaching experience to define who you are as a leader so you can fully step into your power and confidence, without sacrificing your authenticity or wellness.

Lead for Impact

Lead for Impact is a 6 month coaching experience to deepen who you are as a leader and perform at the next level. This is your opportunity to focus on your goals as a leader and receive expert coaching and mentorship.

Unfold Your Own Myth

Unfold Your Own Myth is an 5 month intimate journey, especially designed for women, to guide you through your fears & doubts to embrace the calling of your soul. It’s for those who know it's time to write your own myth, be the heroine of your own story, and find the treasure that you seek.

VIP Deep Dive

You are ready to dive deep and you want to do it now! Bring your dream, challenge or question to a 1-2 day intensive in Marin County California. The time will be crafted especially for you to get the results you want.

A Coaching Program... crafted for you

On-going coaching provides personal learning, support and guidance. It ensures that you have scheduled interaction to receive regular feedback, personal challenges and coaching to help you accomplish your goals. The typical duration is 3 or 6 months. Below is an overview of a standard process.

  • Discover: We meet for a Discovery Coaching Session to get to know each other and determine if we are a good fit.
  • Assess & Plan: Based on your needs; we kick off the coaching engagement with a self-assessment, 360 interviews, or surveys to craft a coaching plan and goals.
  • Coaching: We meet on a regular basis for candid, real, and raw conversations. Every session ends with homework, relevant practices, and tools for you to apply. We know the hard work of coaching happens in between sessions, so ad hoc email support can also be provided.
  • Assess & Evaluate: As needed, we collaborate with you to create progress reports. If needed, we can complete another round of feedback as our coaching comes to an end.