Gain the clarity, courage & confidence to face your toughest management challenges, move forward in your career, and do what matters most.

Who you are is how you lead.

While meaningul and rewarding, leadership can be challenging. Becoming the best leader you can requires wisdom beyond what you can find in a book. To be effective and inspiring as a leader requires a depth of understanding and mastery of who you are, as well as the skill and wisdom to lead. It requires the willingness to look in the mirror to discover what stumbling blocks are in your way.

If you are ready, Executive coaching is the most valuable investment you can make in achieving your goals and building a foundation of success for the rest of your career.

I coach leaders and professional women who are facing a challenge and want to be more concious and effective as leaders while feeling fulfilled in their careers. Below are some of the challenges clients seek coaching for:

  • You are tired of feeling like an impostor, constantly battling doubt.
  • You want to have the courage to take risks.
  • You want to be recognized for your ideas and work. To get the raise, opportunity, job, or promotion you deserve.
  • You want to develop your team to come together effectively to achieve their goals.
  • You want to stop holding yourself back.
  • You are on the edge of burnout and are tired of not having enough time.

Why work with a coach?

Have you heard the quote- insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting to get a different result. A coach can help you gain the clarity, courage and wisdom to break this cycle and finally achieve your goals. 

Every leader is different, so every coaching program is customized to meet your needs and goals. We'll clearly identify meaningful goals that'll guide us as you gain self-awareness to shift beliefs that hold you back, change habits, and gain new skills. Coaching will not only help you become a better leader but a better person.


"I was fortunate to meet Kim-Elisha and work with her as an Executive Coach  and found her methods to be insightful, personal, and focused. I’d never had the privilege of this kind of support before working with her, and would encourage anyone contemplating either a move towards greater capacity building or deeper personal inquiry to work with Kim-Elisha directly. "~Tatiana T

A Holistic Approach

Each of us is a leader, whether we are leading ourselves or others.  Leadership isn't a role or a title.

I work primarily with leaders and professional women; however a title doesn't mean I'm a good fit for your needs as a coach. I work with clients who want to be more conscious, build their confidence, courage and capacity to build a better culture on their team, accomplish more wisely, overcome their toughest challenges and move forward in their careers. This isn't just about skill building. This will involve exploring and taking responsibility for how you as a leader are contributing to and detracting from what you want to accomplish.

While I focus on leadership, I work with clients who know that being a better leader starts with them and are interested in a holistic approach to their development as a leader. This often involves addressing topics such as limiting beliefs, confidence, courage, mindfulness, self-care, diet, sleep, stress and other aspects of personal life.

Working with me

During coaching, I assume that my clients are the expert on their life and have their own answers. My role as coach is to ask direct questions, invite you to take action, and hold space for you to learn.  We work together as a team to envision an inspired future and create a plan to achieve your goals.

As a coach, I also strive to offer a balance of encouragement, validation, and challenge. When I’m providing a challenge, I'm often raising to your awareness something you may not see and asking you to reflect on it. I'll always have your best interest and goals at heart.

With a diverse background as an Asian Woman in Technology, Start Ups, Fortune 100 companies spanning from IT, Engineering, Operations, and Human Resources I have a wealth of experience that forms my foundation of understanding what is required of leaders. Clients often seek me out because of this background. As a coach I hold that you have the best answers and if asked I will provide you mentorship and tools that I have used.

Working with clients

A custom program is designed for each client, based on their goals. Programs range from 3 to 6 months, while some are open-ended with meetings once a week or every two weeks. For all clients, I require at least one meeting per month.

Once you say yes to coaching, I am your coach. The power of coaching happens between sessions when you are able to implement new practices, beliefs and habits to gain new insights to bring into coaching. As my clients coach I'm available in between sessions for questions and check-ins. While working together (and even after) I'm always on the lookout for resources that will support your learning and goals.

I work one-on-one with clients in the United States and Asia via phone or Zoom.  Occasionally, I'll see clients in person in San Francisco or at their work.  

For those who are ready for a deep dive, I offer VIP days. You bring your dream, challenge or question to a 1-2 day intensive in Marin County California and leave with your answer. The time will be crafted especially for you to get the results you want.