Leadership development is at the center of everything I do.

At the center of company culture and business results are leaders.

To overcome the challenges being faced, we need leaders of greater effectiveness and integrity, courageousness and vulnerability, mastery and maturity, competence and curiosity, consciousness and wisdom. We need these leaders now. 

Kim-Elisha will work with you to understand the culture of your organization, the leadership gaps that exist, and your goals to craft a plan to increase the capacity within each leader. She ensures that training is relevant and practical to ensure that the wisdom is integrated back into the day-to-day at work. Through custom workshops and events, Group and Individal Coaching, 360° Reviews, Leadership Assessments and more your leaders learn to lead through uncertain, ambiguous, and complex times.

Bespoke Group Leadership Development Programs

I work with you to understand the outcomes you want to accomplish to design a custom made leadership development program. Through a mix of workshops, group coaching, reflection questions, individual coaching and other design elements we create a community for leaders to learn together. Programs can be 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months long.


Leadership Training

58% of managers never receive management training, meaning many managers learn to manage by watching others and reading books. With the majority of employees leaving companies because of their managers, it's important to support managers to be and do their best.

Kim-Elisha will partner with you to define specific trainable skills and knowledge that your leaders need to design a custom learning experience that fits the culture of your company. Beyond skill building, she works to ensure that each manager's learning is integrated back into their work. 

She has designed and lead trainings on:

  • Vision Setting & Setting Expectations
  • Performance Management
  • Career Development
  • Purpose Discovery
  • Self Care and Time Management
  • Overcoming Impostor Syndrome and Gaining Confidence
  • Building & Advancing Teams
  • The Five Functions of a Team: Building Effective Teams
  • Gender at Work
  • Giving & Receiving Feedback
  • The Role of the Manager in the Employee Lifecycle