Let’s Thrive in 2020, Together


Happy New Year!

It’s only been a week into 2020. How's your first week been? I’m energized and the creativity is flowing for all that I want to create before the Spring comes. I hope, like me, you feel the momentum of the new year and are using it to make changes in your life and dream new dreams. At the start of the new year and new decade, I feel the pull of this year and this time to set a foundation for our time ahead.

If Not Now, When?

I recently heard the question, “If not now, when?” and the phrase “We are defined by what we tolerate.” These phrases have been working me! I decided that this is the year I want to take my curiosity for minimalism and simplicity and apply it to not just external things, but internally to the way I look at the world and what I decide to spend my time, energy, effort, and money on. A quickness and excitement have arisen, a simplicity of saying yes or no and compassion to sit with the stumbling blocks that are in the way. In the end, wanting to look at the reality of life with no expectations and simply decide what would delight me now.

Welcome Each Challenge

I want to live as a leader who thrives, inspires, challenges and shows there is a different way to lead. I know we can do this together, thrive as leaders! Feel successful, fulfilled and accomplished; while thriving. Let’s make this year the year we start to live unapologetically. Befriending fear and doubt, taking courageous action and speaking courageously in our wake. Making this the norm. It’s time to flip the old stories that held us back on their head. Seeing conflict as healthy and stumbling stocks as the sharpening and refinement needed to become our stepping stones. Welcoming each challenge as a friend.

The Dance of Our Lives

In the shamanistic study, there is an idea that in life we are called to dance two dances, the survival dance and the sacred dance. The survival dance is us figuring out how to survive in this world- the dance of belonging, finances, taxes, and laundry. Then there is the sacred dance; our dance of purpose, growth, and love. This is the dance of the soul, spirit, myth, and mystery. What if? What if, starting yesterday we dance these two dances with courage bringing forth the best within us. It’s not about doing more, doing better, doing enough, or knowing more. It’s about bringing forth our unique selves, thoughts, and ideas with more courage. In turn, doing the same for our teams, the organizations we lead and the people we come into contact with every day.

The moment we were born, we each became a leader. We are all leaders, leading ourselves and each other. We are influenced, inspired and challenged by life and the world we’ve created every day. In 2020 let’s dare to create a new team, organization, and world. One where we can thrive. Where the survival dance and sacred dance can dance together as one. What if we don’t have to just survive, but we could thrive?

Our Year to Thrive

It can sometimes feel challenging to get started. If you are at all like me, you’ve set goals for the year and already “slipped”.  What if it’s not a slip, it’s an opportunity to practice, learn, and try again. 
What if, you didn’t have to know all of the answers?  What if, you didn’t have to do it alone? What if asking for help and doing it with a group was more impressive than going it alone? I’ve heard we are most influenced by the 5 people we spend the most time with. We are most influenced by the people we surround ourselves with. 
I am grateful to have you on this journey. No matter how much I doubt, I trip and get back up- what’s clear to me is that there are others who are stepping into courage every day to lead and do what matters most. 
I look forward to 2020 with you. I hope The Courage to Lead community is a well for you to be supported, inspired, encourages, challenged and nourished so that the essence of who you are blooms, so you may lead, as this is the medicine our world needs and you need. 
Cheers to making this a year to thrive!

About the Author

Kim-Elisha Proctor is an Executive Coach, teacher, and writer. For over 15 years, she has worked with companies at all stages of growth and understands the complexity of organizations and leadership that is needed for success. Whether one-on-one coaching, with groups or delivering leadership development programs, her passion is the same: to support leaders to enhance their performance, impact, purpose & well-being to create communities they long to belong to.

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