Executive Coaching

Leaders find the clarity, confidence, and creativity needed to lead themselves, their teams and organizations to successfully navigate uncertain, complex and ambiguous times to do what matters most and thrive at work. Learn More: Executive Coaching and Advancing Women

Group Programs

We work with you understand the outcomes you want to accomplish to design 3 and 6 month leadership development programs. Through a mix of workshops, group coaching, teaching modules, reflection questions, individual coaching and other design elements we create a community for leaders to learn together.

360 Feedback


A 360 interview process allows professionals to gain a comprehensive picture of their strengths and opportunities of their role.  Through self- reflection, leaders take time to recognize where they are. Through confidential interviews with a mixed list of stakeholders comprised of managers, peers, direct reports and close personal relationships; clarity is gained on how leaders are perceived. At the end of the process, feedback is compiled into a report which is shared during a coaching session to create a leadership development plan.  Learn More

Facilitation &
Offsite Design

We know there are times as a leader when you need to step back and be part of the team. Whether you are bringing together a new team, engaging in strategic planning, making a critical decision, or coming together in a collaborative effort; we design and facilitate experiences for our clients to facilitate a variety of goals. Our approach is purposeful, collaborative, interactive, participatory, inclusive, and flexible. We will partner with you to define success and create a meaningful experience.